New Construction


 This is where Reedy separates itself from the competition. Because we know every person involved and because those people are tried and true, we can confidently design your construction project from conception to finished product cost-effectively, quickly, and customized specifically to our client's desires 



As a business grows, it's important to have the room to support it. But additions to your building can be touchy. With our in-house designers and contractors, we can find the exact specifications and materials our clients want to ensure their needs are met efficiently, and customized to the clients' preference.



 There's a lot to be said about someone who can see a shell of a thing and recognize its potential. But potential can't be realized without a lot of in-depths problem solving. Reedy wants to help our clients make those dreams come through a guided process that always ends in satisfaction.  



 Time wears on all of us. Buildings are no exception. With our turn-key services, Reedy has that covered. Customizing a price that fits the work, we can provide scheduled maintenance to ensure that the project we've worked on stays as strong and functional as the day we laid the final brick.